Welcome to North Syracuse Cemetery
555 South Bay Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212
(315) 458-0243

The North Syracuse Cemetery is a community establishment dedicated to the continuing care and concern for the earthly remains of the departed members of the area entrusted to the Cemetery by their survivors. This care is an ongoing responsibility. administered by a group of volunteer directors, providing for the perpetual maintenance and improvement of the interment grounds, planning for future expansion, protection from the elements and furnishing a memorial environment that welcomes and encourages visitations and a general feeling of a suitable surrounding for the repose of their loved ones.

Established in the mid-nineteenth century, the Cemetery is the final resting place of community pioneers, veterans of the Revolutionary, Civil, World conflicts I & II and of other eras that comprise our history. Those of all faiths and backgrounds are equally welcomed into the Cemetery and are all afforded the respect and recognition their memories have earned.

Particular attention is given to the administration of all financial matters pertaining to the operation of the facility. Rates for spaces and services are kept to the minimum sufficient to insure that continuing maintenance and upkeep remains at a high level. A paid staff of dedicated workers is continuously employed to assure this is accomplished. Interment is provided on a year-'round basis, precluding the practice of deferred burials found elsewhere. In all instances, the comfort and convenience of survivors is kept foremost in all operations.

Access roads are maintained in a paved condition, with snow removal as seasonally required. Rules and guidelines for appropriate site monuments, plantings and decorations are formulated and promulgated. Future expansion is an integral part of the planning and management of the Cemetery. New areas are under development to accommodate these needs. This growth is carefully planned to preserve the existing setting and to protect historic trees and wetlands that are a part of the area.

New technology is incorporated where appropriate, such as the recently installed Columbarium for the repose of cremated remains.

The Staff and Directors of the Cemetery are totally dedicated to furnishing a facility that is a valuable asset to the community. They meet regularly to ensure the aims and intents of the day-to-day and long range plans are kept in mind at all times and that the operation of the Cemetery so reflects these.